#1- Reduce Customer & Employee Acquisition Costs

Our innovative SimpleLeads smart-pages were created to help you reduce customer and employee acquisition costs.

Prove your highest converting channels so you can eliminate those that are not producing actions, sales and hires. You may be surprised with the results.

#2- Reduce Friction Points and Print Spend. Make It Easier to Say, Yes!

There is nothing like GreenTexts to capture more leads, eliminate friction points, and reduce your print spend at trade shows and events. 

It's a great solution for a caring generation because we all love more leads, more money and more trees right?

#3- Refer & Get Your Swag Free or Donate To Your Favourite Charity

We would rather pay you than a sales-person so we give you, or your charity, their commission,

Every time you refer someone, who purchases from us, you receive a percentage of their purchases (for the entire first year) to be used towards your future purchases or your charity.