Prove Where Your Highest Converting Leads Are Coming From

If you're like most organizations you use swag to attract people at trade shows, job-fairs and events.  

Unfortunately, you don't know if you're attracting your ideal audience or just people who like free things, and you're not sure how many, if any, of those people are taking bankable actions.  

Your marketing budget is under pressure to produce and you need to prove that as many dollars as possible are leading to actions you can measure. Don't worry, your solution is here!

SwagLeads will help you identify your most productive marketing channels and follow leads through to bankable actions to prove which channels are working and which you should stop throwing money at, now.

Capture, Qualify & Nurture Leads While You Sleep

Our automated smartpages capture, qualify and segment your leads by their stated interests.

Tag and Track Leads Through Your Funnel

Leads are tagged with their interests and lead-source, then followed through until they take a bankable action.

Prove Your Most Profitable Lead Sources

Bankable actions are tagged and then compared to the leadsource they came from.

Keep Leads Engaged Long After Initial Contact

Leads stay engaged long after first contact, even while you return to your busy day to day, after an event.

Get More Good Leads From Every Marketing Dollar

Marketing dollars are optimized to focus on the channels that are producing the most leads that lead to each stated goal.

Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs  

Once we prove where your best leads are coming from, you can focus your dollars on optimizing those sources.

“If We Can Measure Swag We Can Measure Any Channel.”

David Betke - Do Better Marketing (a division of Avatar Brand Management Inc.)